Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Truth In Advertising?

Issuers of creditcards obviously are above the law. Watch some of their commercials on TV. The ads have nothing to do with opening accounts for creditcards. They have everything to do with promising that you are financially smart if you open your account with the company advertising. They use premiums such as putting a 1% amount of each purpose in a savings account, but they fail to tell you about the fees you will most likely pay that will more than offset that savings. There is a lot of psychological manipulation in these ads. I wouldn't be surprised if they have spent millions on psychological research to come up with these approaches. Protect yourself and hit the mute button on your TV when these ads come on. Creditcards will make you business savvy, creditcards will make you sexy, creditcards will make you smarter, creditcards will make you wealthy, creditcards will help you save more money, creditcards, creditcards, the magic financial panacea to your financial problems.Write the TV station and complain about the deceptive ads.

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