Thursday, May 04, 2006

If You Are Getting Sued - Know What To Do

You likely will not find an attorney to help you get out of paying a debt - they don't do that. They'll defend you, but the first thing they'll do is negotiate a settlement, even if you don't owe the debt. That is fine, if you can afford to settle. If you can't you will have to defend yourself and force the creditor to prove you owe the debt. In the case of credit cards, they are hard pressed to do this according to strict court procedure, and if it is a collection agency that purchased the debt it is even harder for them to prove. You must use this as your defense, that they must prove their case. A great resource for this is a book titled "Beating Up On Debt Collectors" Click here for the book

There is also a book you might consider called Thou Teacheth My Hand To War

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mikeweb said...


I have a BA in Economics and used to work phone customer service for GE Capital during college in their retail credit diivision. I can say I have seen all kinds of shenanigans.

Great Blog. Keep up the good work.