Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Debt Counselors Need Counseling Too!

It is pretty ironic when the place you go to get financial counseling, the very government approved agencies that become your financial guide when your in trouble, get in financial trouble themselves. That sure instills confidence doesn't it? Maybe they just don't get it. They have faith in this flawed fiat currency method of money management - it just doesn't work. What do you expect? The banks are the source of grants, and they are essentially pressuring the agencies to push people away from bankruptcy, even when it is justified. So they have to keep coming back. We may have to watch the whole charade collapse, leaving bankrupt households with a legal barrier to bankruptcy, because there is no court mandated counseling available, and we let them spiral into our homeless population.

Just stay out of debt folks, for all practical purposes there is no safety net since the new Bankruptcy Law has taken effect. Only if you are fortunate enough to navigate your way through the mire, will you get the fresh start you need. That is getting more difficult every day. It isn't worth the risk.

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