Friday, March 30, 2007

Elizabeth Warren Talks About the Creditcard Industry

There is an excellent interview on Fresh Air that will give you some pretty shocking information about creditcards. Go here and listen to this interview! Elizabeth Warren is a Law professor at Harvard University, and has done extensive research on Bankruptcy and has advised those in Washington about the bankruptcy laws.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Time to Do Something

I have done a lot of complaining on this blog, but my purpose is to inform. There is no reason to obsess over the injustice. There will always be injustice. So what do you do? The best way to fight back is not to try to change our government policies, our government's ability to make good decisions for the people has dimished significantly due to the influence of money and power, and the apathy of voters. The solution lies with each and every one of us as inidividuals. We vote with our pocketbooks. If we use creditcards and we borrow money in any way shape or form, we vote for the current ways our banking system treats us. If we live on cash, we send a message that we don't need creditcards or loans. As much as we think we do... some of us are discovering we can live much better without them.

If you want to know how to do this, one of the most simple and understandable ways to make this change effectively in your life is just to change your spending behavior. Your behavior changes once you have admitted there is a problem and you know what to do about it. Nothing works better that I have found than Financial Peace University. I get nothing for this referral. I have used the program myself and it has changed my spending behavior, and improved my relationships. Go to the link and check it out.