Sunday, April 30, 2006

You Just Gotta Get Mad!

Over the time I have had this blog, I have been ranting and raving about the banks and credit card companies and their abuses of consumers. Well, I think that goes to show that if you are going to see any change in your own finances, you have to recognize the problem, admit it is affecting you, and get mad about how you're being treated as a consumer and vote with your pocketbook.

That is why I stopped using credit cards. I got mad. Since then I have curbed my spending tremendously and my family relationships have improved. I am starting to rule over my money instead of my money ruling over me.

If you are in a bind right now, you need to get mad first, before you do anything. If you aren't motivated, you'll just keep making the same mistakes. One thing you can do to overcome your debt is to start selling things out of your house, stuff you already own. I did this and have raised thousands of dollars to pay down bills. You can do this too. Just consider getting your hands on something to teach you how. You can get a book on eBay for Dummies or something like it or you can get serious by taking some thorough training and do it full time. The link takes you to a guy who made $8 million selling on eBay and is sharing his secrets for doing that. I have been making some good money myself just selling stuff out of my house.

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