Friday, May 06, 2005

Shared Experiences

I hope that I don't sound preachy in my posts. I am trying to share from personal experience. I learned a lot from losing a business, more than I learned in business school or when my business was thriving. I learned some tough lessons about how money really works, and how the "common sense" most of us follow today is based on misinformation. If you are a business student, or a small business owner, you should take my experience as a warning. Things are not as they seem. What you are being taught, or have come to believe is true, may not be true.

My aim is to present the results of my research to you humbly, as a different picture emerges from that research. It has been shocking and humbling to learn how money really works. It has made me realize how accurate scripture really is, even on the subject of money.

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