Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Life is a Test

When you realize that life is just a test of our trustworthiness, as it says in Luke 16:10, you realize why God hasn't given some of us more responsibility. If we defraud others in small matters, we will do the same in larger matters. When you meet someone and you see a small justification of a dishonest act, whatever it may be, you realize that you can't trust that person with an important matter. If we want more responsibility we should follow the example in Matthew 25:14-29.

This principle also applies to using what God has already given us. It is God's money, not ours as it says in Psalms 24:1. If we use it as a down payment on something we really want, and plan on being able to make the payments, we assume that God is going to continue to provide for us to make those payments. In reality, we have given God the message He hasn't given us enough and we needed to borrow because He didn't provide what we needed. That might be true if we borrowed to buy food, clothing, or shelter. If we had to do that, God had a specific purpose for that, and we would be wise to seek a loan from a wealthy friend that is interest free. We would still avoid credit cards or other predatory lenders. However, we usually borrow because we want a new car, or large screen TV, based on payment affordability. That is behavior that leads to poverty.

The point is to use what God has given you, wisely. If you perservere, you will be rewarded for proving your trustworthiness. James 1:12.

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