Tuesday, September 16, 2008

CEO Bonus for a Credit Crisis?

Food for thought...
When my business started going south in January 2001, I took a paycut and did everything I could to ease the cash crunch on the corporation. It was the right thing to do. Now, I am watching bank executives walk off with multi-million dollar severence packages while their banks are taken over by the FDIC. This is equivelent to me having fired myself as CEO instead, and have had the forethought to create a "golden parachute" for myself if I left my company as CEO. I could have walked away from my failing business and looted it with a severance package. Uncle Sam would have won because I would have paid income tax on that severance instead of writing off the corporate losses it would have been used to partially cover. I would have let it go into bankruptcy, and walked away with enough to fund my retirement. That is the game these guys are playing. It isn't their business, but they are basically looting a company they led to failure, in these cases, at the expense of our economy and taxpayers who ultimately have to pay for the bailout which means recovering the money for the severance pay as well. The IRS wins, because they get more tax revenue out of the situation.

Why does big business play by different rules than small business? Political corruption. Debt benefits our government officials in many different ways and costs us as individuals. Yet, if the next President allows the debt to keep growing, he will lead our country to a failed banking system and an economic crisis that could bring down our country's current form of government and likely leave us with a socialist or Marxist type system after the World Bank and International Monetary Fund bail us out.

The solution - get out of debt yourself NOW!

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