Thursday, October 26, 2006

Abusing Collectors

Collectors seem to be able to dish it out but can't take it. Take a look at this article. The district attorney for Araphoe County in Colorado seems to have mistreated a collector. The story is that a debt collection attorney for Central Credit Corp. Jonathan Steiner alleges that he was threatened by Chambers with a grand jury investigation when he tried to recoup some bad check funds from Englewood City Councilwoman Laurett Barrentine, a member of Arapahoe County's Republican Party. Barrentine claims that the bad checks were a result of identity theft, and that she is not responsible for the $320 dispute. Central Credit Corp. dropped the collection account against Barrentine – primarily from threats of the aforementioned grand jury investigation. After filing a complaint, now the district attorney faces possible discipline ranging from a reprimand to disbarment. Its nice to know there is still justice, isn't it?

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