Friday, June 16, 2006

Premiums on Creditcards

Here is an example website that could be the king of deceptive advertising. When you do, however, take a close look at the fine print. Be careful not to let yourself be tempted. Even the creditcards fine print won't give you all the information you need. Remember that there are numerous trap doors which will invalidate the deal after you have opened the account. The creditcards fine print has a lot of conditions to the offer. In the end, I think you'll find that the creditcards actually use this as a vehicle for selling things over their retail price. Remember with whom you're entering into a contractual relationship; companies with a background of fraudulent dealings, largely ignored by our government. (see how Citigroup helped Enron commit fraud.) These companies are plagued with Class Action lawsuit judgments against them so much, they seek to deprive you of the right to a fair hearing in a court of law in their adhesion contract by putting in mandatory arbitration clauses. This is going too far. It has become legal loan sharking.

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